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Membership Portal Instructions

Once you log-in to the Member Portal, you will be on the main Activity Stream. This is where you can see new connections, activities, and other updates from members who you are connected. Click the star underneath specific posts to favorite or un-favorite them.


You can choose to post to your profile or to any groups that you are a member of from the box underneath “What’s new.” Click the graphic underneath this box to upload an image along with the content. On this page in the left sidebar, you can see your groups, newest members, recent conversations in the forums, who else is online, and the most recent career opportunities.


This is where you can see all your activity on the membership portal including connections, groups, favorites, and mentions. You can submit a general status update or comment from this screen.

Click on the circular graphic in the top right corner to go to your profile. You can also access your profile in the footer under Member Login. This is your personal profile page and your main activity feed. You can filter this feed according to mentions, items that have been favorited, only your connections, and only your groups. You can adjust what you see in the feed and focus on certain components


On the Profile tab, please check to make sure your name, title, company name, college or universities, and location (city and state) are correct. You can edit any of these fields by selecting the Edit tab. This information is important because it helps to connect members according to shared background, location, or interests. You can also add a biography about yourself in the Edit tab under Profile.


We have either upload a professional photo of you taken during the Leadership Summit, or you can upload a profile image under the Profile tab, click Change Profile Photo and upload a photo here. This is also the same method to change your existing profile picture. If you want to delete your existing image and not upload another one, click the Delete tab. We have pre-uploaded a The Alumni Society branded cover image onto all profiles.


This is also the place to check your Notifications tab which lists all recent activity, see all your connections, and requests. By default, the newest notifications will be on top.


The notifications tab is the place where pending invitations (connections, group invitations, responses to comments, etc.) will be located. You can mark these as read or choose to delete them. Notifications will also appear as a drop-down in the top right-hand corner, by clicking the small profile image.


From the Messages tab, you can write and respond to messages. You can also search our Inbox to find a specific subject line or recipient. You can order these connections by last active, newly registered, or alphabetically.


Under Connections, you will see a breakdown of your current connections and their basic profile information. You can also private message them from this screen and view current connection requests.


Under Groups, you can see groups you are a member of and any group invitations that haven’t been accepted. You will be prompted to approve or reject all group invitations.


Under Forums, you can start a discussion thread, respond to conversations, or read these interactions. When using these forums, you can favorite or subscribe to specifics topics to access them easily in the future.


Under Media, you can upload photos by selecting files or dragging and dropping them into the window. Photos added here will be automatically added to an Album titled Wall Posts. You can create additional Albums by clicking Options on the All, Albums, or Photos pages.


Under the Settings page, you can change your password or add a different email address associated with the account. If you have lost your password, click the link, add your email address, and you will be sent instructions how to reset it.


Under Email, you can adjust your email notification settings. Under Profile Visibility, you can filter which members can see your profile information. Options include all members, just your connections, or just yourself.


Under Articles, you can add articles or other content that will help inspire discussion. Choose a title for your article, add the content in the main box, and upload an image below 2 MB. Choose relevant categories and tags by clicking the plus button. Save your post and it will be reviewed and approved before being posted.


You can organize the information that appears in the sidebar account to newest, most active, or most popular groups, members, or posts.

In the main membership directory page, you will see all members or sort by your connections. You will see their profile images, professional title, company, and location. You can sort this list by the last active members, newly registered, or alphabetically.


You can request to connect with members or send private messages. Once you are connected, you can visit their profile, mention them, or private message them. You can also search members according to name, university, or other profile fields.

Under Member Portal Groups, you should see all the available groups, the number of members, and a short description of each. From the Home screen, you will see the main feed, which can be organized to include everything or just sections of content such as memberships, updates, topics, and replies. You can post an update or reply directly to a comment on this page.


Under the Group umbrella, you can post specific forum topics. Add a title, ask a question or provide a comment, and add any relevant tags. You can subscribe to follow groups or specific forums by clicking the blue plus sign next to Subscribe.


Under the Group Members, you can view other members of the group and connect with them. You can order these members by when they joined the group, their activity level in the group, or alphabetically. You can also add photos with the Media Gallery, similar to your Profile page.


For public groups, click the Join Group button. For private groups, click the Request Membership button and an Administrator will respond to your request. Once you click the button to Request Membership, you can add optional comments before sending the request.

Under Forums, there is a list of all the Groups, with the number of topics, posts, and the most recent posts. Click to enter the Group page and see all the related forums.

Under Career Opportunities, you will see current job listings from our partners and sponsors. Click the Read More button to learn about these individual opportunities in-depth. Click to apply and you will be routed to the organization’s website.

If you need additional technical help, click the letter icon in the bottom right corner and submit a request with your name, email address, and a description of your issue or comment. Or you can email members@thealumnisociety.com or call 312-386-7952. To log out, click the profile icon in the top right-hand corner and click Log Out.

Get Help/Contact

If you have any technical issues, email us at members@thealumnisociety.com, call 312-386-7952, submit a request via the “Contact” form in the top navogation of the Website, or click the letter icon in the bottom right corner and submit a request with your name, username, email address, and describe your issue or comment.


We love to hear your comments and suggestions to constantly improve our services to Members.

General Questions

The member directory is a dedicated platform for The Alumni Society members to connect and network prior to events, read and discuss relevant content and news, apply for high-level job opportunities from our sponsors and partners, and more.

The member directory is available for all Alumni Society members at no cost. We have pre-loaded your membership information and photos, if applicable, to make it as simple as possible for you. Not a Member? – You can sign-up at any of our The Alumni Society events, by following the links in our emails, or applying on our Join Page.


All approved new members will receive an email with account login credentials to the contact email address that The Alumni Society has on file. Follow the link and log-in using the provided username and password. Once you log-in, please change your password (see “How do I change my password” in this FAQ section) to one you will remember for added security.


With just a few clicks you can start start connecting, discussing, and moving your career forward.

Just click the Member Login in the top navigation of The Alumni Society website. Add your username and new password and sign-in. Once you are logged in, you will be routed to the main Activity Stream.

Click the small profile image in the top right-hand corner and select the Logout option from the dropdown menu.

On the log-in page, click the Lost your password link. Enter the username or email address connected to the account and click reset password. If you remember your credentials, you can return to the previous screen by clicking I remember by details.


You will receive an email to reset your password. It should list the account and username and provide a link to follow to reset it. If you receive this email but didn’t request a new password, please contact us at members@thealumnisociety.com.

Under the Settings tab, enter your current password and your new desired password. You can also access the Lost Password link from this page.

My Profile

The basic information associated with your profile including full name, title, company, college/university, and city/state, should be populated according to our The Alumni Society records. If this information doesn’t look correct, you can edit it under the Edit tab or contact us a members@thealumnisociety.com for assistance.


You can also add information to your profile, such as additional schools and a short biography, from this page.

You can upload a photo from your computer if one isn’t associated with your account or if you want to update your image. This image will be associated with your account throughout the platform. If you have problems uploading a profile image, contact support at members@thealumnisociety.com.


Profile images have to be larger than 150px x 150px. Maximum Image upload size for profile images in 2MB. Image formats allowed are .jpg, .png, .jpeg, .gif.

You can create photo albums under the Media tab by clicking Options and naming your new album. Then you can upload images by clicking Upload, choosing the Album, and selecting the photo files.

Maximum file size per image is 2MB. Allowed image formats are .jpg, .jpeg, .png, & .gif.

We added a standard The Alumni Society cover photo for all members to help streamline the registration process. If you have questions or wish to upload a different photo, contact us at members@thealumnisociety.com.

Under Settings, go to the Email tab to select yes/no for the email notifications you want to receive. The options include being notified about mentions, replies, new messages, new connections, and group activities.

Under Settings, go to the Profile Visibility tab and you can select who can see each section of your profile information. The options include All Members, My Connections and Only Me. The “Everyone” selection is similar to “All Members”, since only Members have access to the Directory.

Making Connections

Under the Directory tab, you can search the member database according to any of the profile fields. Connect with them by submitting a Connection Request, which the member will have to approve.


You will receive all connection notifications related to your account by clicking Notifications under your profile image. You can accept or reject these connections as well as cancel existing connections.

If you are unable to find a member in the directory they haven’t joined the member directory yet. If they haven’t joined, encourage them to log-in and get started today.

From the Groups page, you can join all public groups and request membership in all private groups. All members are automatically added to the general The Alumni Society Member Group.


Some groups have join restrictions, based on Member event attendance or affiliation with a school or other member segment. A moderator will review your application to each group and you will be notified once you were added to a group.

A public group like The Alumni Society Member Group is open to all members and anyone can join. Some private groups are restricted to certain members, for example attendees of the Leadership Summit event.


To join these groups, you will have to be approved by a network administrator. You can also leave a group that you are a member of at any time.

A group is the general category for sections of our memberships, for example based on attendance at certain events. Every member can be in at least one group, The Alumni Society Members group, along with all other applicable groups. These groups are the overall place for the general conversation feed, media that has been uploaded, and related forums.


Forums are more specific topics and conversations related to the larger Groups categories. You can access Forums under each specific Group tag. Or there is a complete by clicking the Discussion Forums page under Member Portal.

Posting Content

You can post content or relevant links from a variety of different pages. You can post on the main Activity Stream, in all Groups that you are a member of, and in any Forums associated with those groups. You can also reply directly to other member’s comments.

To post in a Group you can post in the main Activity Stream or under specific Group Forums. Under Forum, Create New Topic and add a headline, content, and relevant tags.


You can also post longer content pieces under the Articles tab by selecting new articles. Make sure to add relevant categories so you article can be found by other members.


You can format your text and add links into the body of the post. You can also add relevant images along with the post less than 2 MB. Save the post and move it to review and an Administrator will approve it.

Tags and categories associated with content are meant to group like items together and make it easier for other member to find and comment on your content. For example, a post about the Leadership Summit, would include tags such as Events, Summit, Leadership Summit, and speakers’ names.

You can post any information relevant to Latinos in corporate America, personal or professional news, questions or comments about The Alumni Society events. Feel free to post any and all content, links, and images to inspire conversation among your fellow members.

Click the star below a post to like it. Once you have favorited a forum topic, you can easily access it under the Favorites tab. You can also subscribe to forums by clicking Subscribe and topics and find the again under Subscriptions.

If you notice content you have posted has been deleted, it means your posting has violated our code of conduct. We ask members not to post anything that is derogatory or degrades another member or group. We also ask that members don’t use our platform to advertise or promote any products or services, companies or organizations unless specifically given written advanced permission by The Alumni Society.


Content that attacks people based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, etc. isn’t allowed and will be removed.

If you see anything that violates our Code of Contact or that you feel is inappropriate, email us at members@thealumnisociety.com.

Our member portal sever is on a secure connection so your profile information and any content or images posted are protected. The member directory is only accessible to our members and no outside parties will have access to anything posted through the portal.

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