Class of 2016

Jonathan Avila

Jonathan Avila is a leading corporate privacy expert with a career spanning CBS, start-ups, the Walt Disney Company, and Walmart. …

Indrani Franchini

Change is the only constant in Indrani Franchini’s career—and her ability to navigate transitions has shaped her legal practice….

Lou Nieto

Education transformed Nieto’s life. Now he’s supporting it professionally and outside of the office—and building a legacy….

Bernadette Aulestia

Aulestia took a risk—and a pay cut—when she joined Turner Broadcasting. The move paid off….

Marcelo Prado

When Prado moved to attend Dartmouth, he knew it would open new doors in his career, but he also knew how much his family was sacrificing….

Michael Montelongo

“So many people had a hand in guiding my life,” Montelongo says. “If they didn’t, perhaps none of this would have transpired.”…

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